Your body is your vessel. It’s the medium you have been blessed with through which you interact with the outside world. It’s a machine capable of incredible feats, and it can either be a LaFerrari or a Toyota Prius. The choice is entirely up to you. And let’s be honest, nobody wants a Prius (sorry Prius owners, but you know it’s true). Any time you eat something you are consuming fuel for your body. This fuel is then absorbed and distributed throughout your body and stored for later purposes. You have the choice every time you eat something to provide your body with high end grade fuel that it can use to help build your body into an incredible fine-tuned machine, or to provide it with low end grade fuel that (if gone unchecked) will eventually take its toll on you, limiting what you’re capable of. That is why it’s so important that you give your body not only what it wants but what it needs. It needs raw, natural food it can process and store up properly to get you through the day and help you accomplish what you are striving for. Whether it’s having more energy to play with your kids, having enough strength to go on that hiking trip with your buddies, enough endurance to complete the race, or enough power to squat 2.5x your body weight. All of those things are directly correlated with what you eat and what you put into your body. Food is very, very important. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.